Minority Serving – Cyberinfrastructure

Consortium (MS-CC)

VISION: We envision a transformational partnership to promote advanced cyberinfrastructure (CI) capabilities on HBCU, HSI, TCU, and MSI campuses, with data; research computing; teaching; curriculum development and implementation; collaboration; and capacity-building connections among institutions.  We will learn and grow as a consortium; are dedicated to lifting all participating institutions by advancing cyberinfrastructure for research and education across diverse fields, disciplines, and communities; and will engage as full contributors to the global research and education community.

PURPOSE: The Consortium is committed to 3 main goals to enable minority-serving institutions and organizations to accomplish together what would be more difficult to do separately:  

Professional and Career Development:  The Consortium is dedicated to proving and sharing in career development activities, curricula, and training for professional CI staff and faculty, researchers, and students. This includes supporting campus research computing and data efforts through enhancing interactions among both professional CI staff and researchers to better utilize, share, and prepare a workforce for the future adept at using advanced computing resources.

Increasing Access to CI Resources: The Consortium will explore and develop effective strategies and leading practices that campuses may use to empower their researchers to access and become more effective users of advanced research cyberinfrastructure (CI) at the campus, regional, national, and international levels.

Enhancing interactions and effectiveness among CI professionals and researchers: The Consortium is further dedicated to extending and enhancing the reach and impact of campus and national research computing infrastructures to institutions with minority-serving missions to promote research conducted at the campus level and through multi-institutional collaborations.

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